The 2011 Vegan 100: Final Results

The 100+ Most Influential and Essential Vegans and Veganish for Building Our Culture Up and Out

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Vegan Renaissance!

By all measures, it’s easier and more enjoyable than ever before to be vegan. Resources, products, and options are better across the board. The stupid jokes about vegan food being awful seem to be fewer and farther between. You can now see on Google trends that the word vegan on some days even beats the word vegetarian as a search term. That had never happened until 2011.

The growth of veganism and vegan culture is something that most of us want to see continuing because we strongly believe that it fundamentally makes the world a better place on numerous levels. In fact, many of us think eating and living vegan is the single most positive and productive act we can undertake on a daily basis. In order to ensure that this growth continues, it only makes sense to take note of what fellow vegan and veganish people are accomplishing in the larger world.

So, with that in mind, we present the final Vegan 100: a comprehensive survey (see bottom for criteria and methodology) of vegan culture and some of the people shaping it, while it’s still is in its relative infancy. As you will see, we’ve compiled a very heterogeneous list whose final order was determined by tens of thousands reader votes. Thanks everyone! Please note this list consists of some people who we identify as veganish which we know gets some people’s underwear in a bunch. For our take on this concept and why we espouse it, check out this Killing Vegetarianism essay along with our Carpe Credo. We know everyone doesn’t agree with us. That is OK. Let’s all just try to practice some vegan camaraderie with each other. Cool?

We hope you enjoy the list and see it like we do which is a celebration of vegan culture and what people are doing to make this crazy and cruel world a better place. Be proud you are a vegan and share something in common with these people and many others. Vegan is a good thing!

You can click names below to see an individual profile or here they are by page:
The Top 10

Any other questions? Check our FAQ

1 . Bree Olson +89
2 . “Supreme Master” Ching Hai & Loving Hut restaurant chain +42
3 . Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi
4 . The undercover investigators of Mercy for Animals along with Nathan Runkle and the entire team +8
5 . Dr. Neal Barnard & Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine +2
6 . Gene Baur & Farm Sanctuary team +7
7 . Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Post Punk Kitchen
8 . Alicia Silverstone +9
9 . Jack Norris, Matt Ball, Anne Green, Jon Camp & Vegan Outreach
10 . Father & Son: T Colin and Tom Campbell +1
11 . Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich +16
12 . Colleen Patrick-Goudreau +16
13 . Erica Meier & the Compassion Over Killing team +55
14 . Paul McCartney
15 . John Robbins & Earthsave
16 . Kris Carr & CrazySexyLife +4
17 . Father & Son: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Rip +6
18 . Chelsea & Bill Clinton
19 . Ingrid Newkirk & PETA
20 . Wayne Pacelle, Mike Markarian, & Humane Society of the United States team
21 . Joe Connelly, Colleen Holland & the VegNews team
22 . Jonathan Safran Foer +10
23 . Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin & the Skinny Bitch book series
24 . Dr. John McDougall +17
25 . Moby
26 . Peter Singer
27 . Joaquin Phoenix +8
28 . Bruce Friedrich formerly of PETA and now Farm Sanctuary +17
29 . Dr. Joel Fuhrman +8
30 . Brendan Brazier & Vega +3
31 . Russell Simmons
32 . Pamela Anderson
33 . Kathy Freston
34 . Bob Barker +47
35 . Steve Wynn
36 . John Mackey & Whole Foods
37 . Pink
38 . Paul Shapiro & HSUS Factory Farming Team +5
39 . Vegansaurus
40 . Jeff & Sabrina Nelson of VegSource
41 . Mike Tyson
42 . Jane Velez-Mitchell
43 . Susan Voisin & FatFreeVegan +17
44 . Dan Mathews of PETA
45 . QuarryGirl team
46 . Tobey Maguire
47 . Morrissey
48 . Weird Al Yankovic
49 . Chloe Coscarelli
50 . Steve-O / Stephen Glover
51 . Erik Marcus & +4
52 . Seth Tibbott & Tofurky +11
53 . Tim McIlrath & Rise Against
54 . Josh Hooten, Michelle Schwegmann & Herbivore
55 . Emily Deschanel +12
56 . Eric Brent, Diana Hsieh of HappyCow +6
57 . Joy Pierson & Bart Potenza of Candle Cafe, Candle 79
58 . Danielle Konya & Vegan Treats Bakery of Bethlehem, PA
59 . Chrissie Hynde +5
60 . Robert Cheeke & VeganBodyBuilding
61 . Terry Hope Romero +4
62 . Nanci Alexander
63 . Gary Loewenthal & the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale
64 . Larry & Ann Wheat of Millennium restaurant in San Francisco
65 . Emiko Badillo, Chad Miller & Food Fight!
66 . Sarah Kramer & Tanya Barnard
67 . Yves Potvin, founder of Yves and Gardein +4
68 . Tal Ronnen +2
69 . Andre Kroecher & Greg Blake of Daiya +6
70 . Woody Harrelson +12
71 . Kathy Patalsky & Healthy Happy Life
72 . Brad Goldberg & Animal Welfare Trust
73 . Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser
74 . Eliot Katz & In Defense of Animals team
75 . Mac Danzig
76 . Gary Yourofsky
77 . Dan Piraro +11
78 . Joan Jett +11
79 . Alyssa Milano +1
80 . Alex Hershaft & Farm Animal Rights Movement
81 . James Cromwell +10
82 . Karen Davis & the United Poultry Concerns team +4
83 . Charles Stahler, Debra Wasserman & the Vegetarian Resource Group/Vegetarian Journal team
84 . Robin Robertson +3
85 . Nick Cooney & Humane League team
86 . Biz Stone, founder of Twitter
87 . Ani Phyo
88 . Scott Jurek
89 . Howard Lyman +12
90 . Bryan Adams
91 . Mariann Sullivan & Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House +4
92 . Tony Gonzalez
93 . Dr. Melanie Joy +8
94 . Will Tuttle & World Peace Diet +7
95 . Dr Michael Greger +6
96 . Kim Sturla and Animal Place +5
97 . Anteneh Roba & The International Fund For Africa +4
98 . VegFund +3
99 . Ginny Messina is TheVeganRD +2
100 . lauren Ornelas & the Food Empowerment Project +1
Also receiving votes:
Rich Roll
Doron Petersan & Sticky Fingers Bakery
Joshua Katcher & The Discerning Brute
Jeffrey Masson
Michael Klaper, MD
Carol J. Adams
Gary Francione
Tom Regan
John Salley
James Laveck & Jenny Stein of Tribe of Heart (Documentarians)
Joanne Stepaniak
Carl Lewis
Jennifer McCann of Vegan Lunch Box books and site
Olivia Wilde
Brenda Davis, RD
Matthew Scully
Shaun Monson
Robin Quivers
African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem & Soul Vegetarian restaurants
Casey Affleck
Rae Sikora
American Vegan Society
Karen Dawn
Bob Linden & GoVegan Radio
David Bemel & Amanda Schemkes of Action for Animals
Thom Yorke
Ian MacKaye
Laura Moretti & AnimalsVoice
Michael Franti
Marie Oser & VegTV
Jacqueline Domac ~ Teacher of the Year & Founder of MyVeganJournal.Com
Zel & Reuben Allen of Vegetarians in Paradise
Natalie Portman
Shannon Keith
Sharon Gannon & David Life of Jivamukti Yoga
International Vegetarian Union
Brian & Sharon Graff and the North American Vegetarian Society
Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan
Stephen Kaufman and the Christian Vegetarian Association
Chloe Jo Berman & GirlieGirlArmy
Michael D’Estries, Rebecca Carter & Ecorazzi

For our survey, we compiled a massive range of information on all our candidates which included the following on the scorecard: Internet presence (Alexa rankings and links), social media presence (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), message dissemination outlets/platforms (e.g. print mediums, video mediums, entities they operate/represent, etc.), creative outlets (e.g., in the arts, as a public speaker, TV & radio shows, etc.), professional credentials, public popularity/stature, ability to reach unique and/or large audiences, accomplishments (success in business, advocacy, arts, etc.), legacy, and finally strength of conviction in regards to being part of vegan culture (e.g., philanthropy, willingness to talk openly about it, etc.).



  1. bcc says:

    Natalie Portman is no longer vegan.

  2. Johanna says:

    Bob Harper (Biggest Loser) is no longer vegan. He Tweeted recently that he had a craving for eggs so ate some. Read about it on Erik Marcus’ fabulous blog.

  3. John Oberg says:

    Having Bree Olson on here, while entertaining, cheapens the list. But in the interest of having a heterogeneous list, I understand why she’s listed. Just surprising so many people are bumping her up to the top! Perhaps we can assume her place at the top of the list is a joke and we can look onto #2 :)

    • Jed Gillen says:

      On the contrary, the fact that Bree has been able to get so many votes indicates that she is anything but a joke. She is very passionate and outspoken about veganism and has a huge following– nothing cheap about any of that.

      • Joe Haptas says:

        Hey John, we did start her at #90. she is definitely influencing her fan base on one level to vote and hopefully other levels to consider a change in diet. I do understand what you are saying and am struggling with it a bit myself. Jed (also of CarpeVegan) and I don’t agree on a lot actually!

      • PeterJakes says:

        In the past I had, a couple of times, gone meatless during Lent but always returned to be an omnivore. This year, while chatting with Bree Olson, she suggested the book Skinny Bastard. This year I continued going meatless after Lent and I am now starting to see the benefits in terms of losing weight. She is passionate about it and does a good job, as I can confirm, of promoting the vegan lifestyle. Her doing well in deserved irregardless of how people may feel about her proffession.

    • Mary Ella Steck says:

      John is correct. The Bree Olson hijackers do a disservice to the others on the list (and to the efforts of those behind the carpevegan survey)…which is a nice idea BTW and the list of beautiful, inspiring human beings is wonderful to see.

      • Jed Gillen says:

        There were no Bree Olson hijackers. She rallied her supporters, which is the same thing anyone could have done (and many did). Should Bree be penalized because she happens to have a huge number of supporters willing to do what she asked? Is that not the very definition of “influential” (which is what this contest was about?)

  4. Tara says:

    Not only are some of those listed not vegan, you have meat eaters on here.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Yes, some of these people are veganish in that they aren’t to everyone’s standards Tara. If you’ve some information you think we should see, please pass on.

  5. Matt in Hawaii says:

    I agree with Joe, Tara. Name names and provide links to your proof.

  6. Clay Glad says:

    Joe, it seems strange to ask your readers to provide evidence that people on your list are not vegan. In compiling a list of the most influential vegans doesn’t it make sense to narrow that list to people who are, you know, vegan?

    As far as information that we “think you should see,” why not start with what some of your candidates themselves have said. If you go to JS Foer’s Wikipedia page you can find out in a matter of seconds that “He does not mention being vegan in his writings,” and moreover that he at times in his life ate meat even while referring to himself as a vegetarian

    As for Peter Singer his endorsement”a world in which people mostly eat plant foods, but occasionally treat themselves to the luxury of free range eggs, or possibly even meat from animals who live good lives under conditions natural for their species, and are then humanely killed on the farm” has been well known for years.

    As for your term “veganish” it reminds me of when I first stopped eating meat and my sister served me chicken, saying, “Well, some vegetarians eat chicken.” No, by definition. This is a list mostly of vegans but really of people whose support of animals rights is well publicized if occasionally hypocritical.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hi Clay, Obviously, we aren’t all going to agree on everything. If you don’t like our philosophy and outlook regarding veganish as a perspective, so be it. I’d suggest you read the front page article on Killing Vegetarianism and Elevating Veganish if you haven’t already. You may not agree with us. That’s cool. We are trying to grow the concept of vegan culture and celebrating it by using the term veganish to welcome people even if they can’t be up to the standards of a 100% vegan. We believe in a big tent here at CarpeVegan. We aren’t all going to agree on everything everyone says. I hope you can empathize with this perspective and what we are trying to do. If you don’t, this site is probably not for you. Joe

      • Clay Glad says:

        Joe, does this mean that you know that Foer eats animal products and that Singer not only eats meat but also recently published an article in which he describes slaughtering a chicken, but felt those facts were not relevant to your list?

        They’re not bad people; they’re just not vegan. They don’t call themselves vegan, so I don’t know why you would.

        Can we agree on the meaning of “vegan”? If you were to have titled this list “The Veganish 100″ I would have taken it to be about style and lifestyle rather than food and ethics and not even glanced at it.

        • Joe Haptas says:

          I did not know about what you say re: Singer. Please pass this link on to me. I know JSF has called eggs the worst form of animal agriculture. If he is advocating for dairy or egg consumption, I haven’t seen it. If he is talking against veganism, I haven’t seen it. Please pass on if there is something you think I should see. In our intro on this page, we make it clear we are also talking about veganish as well. You have a problem with us doing what we are doing. That is noted. I still welcome links and info. Thanks.

          • Clay Glad says:

            Singer’s article “When Slaughter Makes Sense” has been making the rounds for nearly a decade, you could quickly find it via a Google search. But far more enlightening is this article, “What Happened to Peter Singer?”

            I haven’t the faintest idea what you point you mean to make by saying that Foer is not “talking against veganism”. Is that what you mean by “vegan”? Someone who doesn’t “talk against veganism”?

            I have no problem with your definition of “veganish” as it appears on the FAQ, but I wonder how someone like Zoey Deschanel, who became a vegan and then explicitly rejected it because it was “too restrictive” could count even as “veganish”.

            • Joe Haptas says:

              i’ll take a look at it and add to my capsule anything worth passing on.

              I liked what Josh Hooten of Herbivore says here re: JSF at an event and it sounds veganish to me.

              I just added Zooey to Emily’s review. Emily is the focus.

              Clay, I really think you should have bigger tofu cutlets to fry elsewhere dude. Seriously. We are trying to have some fun here and get people a little excited and more interested about being vegan instead of all the negative stuff. Maybe they can pick up some tips and ideas and the such. maybe you don’t like us, that’s cool. This list isn’t supposed to be biblical. or anything.

              • Johanna says:

                I appreciate your comments, Clay. Many of us have a strong connection to the term “vegan” and we want to see it’s definition protected. It’s not about policing. It’s about being true to the definition. Of course we all want to encourage anyone who is making a positive step towards a plant-based diet. But we don’t have to change the definition of the word to do that. Why accept all cake as vegan, when we can seek out real vegan cake and help grow the vegan baking business?

                • Joe Haptas says:

                  Johanna, birthday cake and alcohol is used a metaphor, not literally. we advocate for a more tolerant, more life-affirming, and more inclusive veganism that focuses on someone’s positive actions that they make 95% of the time versus those other relatively small areas where they may fall short. please read my article on killing vegetarianism and elevating veganish off the front page for clarification.

              • Lilly says:

                Hi Clay,
                thank you for your info.
                Hi Joe,
                I was going to ignore the list and go on with my life, but reading Joe’s reply made me stay on this page.
                So many not vegans on this list, that it is a strange list: Paul McCartney, Harper, Zoey Deschanel, Singer, Foer, Portman… Why do you call it Vegan 100 if you could call it Vegetarian 100? I heard people saying: I am a vegan plus eggs, a vegan plus fish… he he… absurd goes on…

                • Joe Haptas says:

                  Hi Lilly, we are coming from a perspective of promoting not only veganism, but also a veganish life which we see as a gateway to the ideal of veganism. In the U.S., we aren’t even 1% of the population which ain’t cutting it as billions suffer and die. We must find ways to make people feel more welcome to living a vegan life. Check this material out below. FYI, we added qualifications for Zooey and Singer per reader input.

                  Let’s Kill Vegetarian! Why Vegetarianism Must Go and VeganISH Should Ascend:

                  The Carpe Credo:

                  We added

  7. Pamela says:

    Oh-oh, the vegan police are awake in the comments! It seems to me we are looking at the people who have had a wide impact in promoting veganism – what they ate for breakfast is less important than how much they’ve brought veganism into public consciousness. It’s great fun, although I’m not sure whether a popularity contest is all that constructive :)

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hey Pamela, True that. Thanks for your thoughts. If we can help people learn about all the great vegans out there doing amazing stuff, I feel like we did our job. We try hard to mix it up between a little education and a little fun. We definitely should be celebrating the culture more IMO. Cheers.

  8. The Waning of Intellectual Backbone says:

    The importance of the intellectual traditions in the movement is immense. And it is disturbingly poorly reflected. Peter Singer, Gary Francione, Tom Regan, Melanie Joy, Carol Adams. These are all names that are somewhere in the top 20.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hi,Yes, our criteria/methodology does make it harder for academics to succeed as they don’t traditionally reach the largest audiences. That said, the names are all there and if there is a sentiment for some of these thinkers to rise, the opportunity is there. What a fun way to raise a ruckus intellectually by rocking this poll. Time for intellectuals to think out of the box.

  9. Strong Wild Cards says:

    Good thing CarpeVegan was open to Wildcards. We should not forget items like the power of a film like Peaceable Kingdom and of the huge impact of VegFund’s facilitation of effective activism.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Absolutely. I was very happy to see nominations for VegFund to come through, for example. I’m old school in my views and favor a grassroots perspective. VegFund is 100% grassroots for me. I love them.

  10. Lo Nichole says:

    The more to choose from, the better we’re doing! :)

  11. Fireweed says:

    Joe, Marti Kheel, from Feminists for Animal Rights, is a pioneer who should be on this list…

    There are so many academics that have inspired those of us in the movement!

    And cook book writers! (Bryanna Clark Grogan has around 10 vegan cookbooks and she’s the longstanding ‘helper’ on VegSource assisting newbies, …her new cookbook, World Vegan Feast, will continue to inspire thousands!)

    These vegans may not be as ‘visible’ or ‘out front’, but their contributions to our movement must not be underestimated!

    It’s good to see Carol Adams on here…and to know she was inducted into the LA animal rights conference 2011 Hall of Fame a couple of weekends ago…finally!

    You’ve got Supreme Master on there twice…

    For the record, I’d like to add that I think what poster Clay has said about being true to the definition of veganism is completely approrpriate…if someone is actually vegetarian, and claims they are aspiring to veganism, I might be willing to think of them as ‘veganish’, but if they are heading AWAY from veganism, uh, NO.

    Immediately dousing the flames of a fellow vegan’s aversion to greenwash with ‘uh, oh…the vegan police are here’…is surely counterproductive. Don’t we get enough of that belittlement from the mainstream we are trying to influence already? Pleeeez.

    And thankyou. :)

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hey FW,
      Yeah, no arguments against Marti Kheel and Bryanna Clark Grogan at all. I’m familiar with both of them but didn’t know that BCG did Vegsource help as well. Very cool. Its pretty amazing and so hard to limit. Honestly, we had 75 other names we ideally wanted to add but only so much time in the day to do entries. We had a little hiccup in the system that did a double entry for Supreme Master.

      I understand your perspective on vegan and aspiring. We are trying to start a series of conversations on this issue because we think it needs to happen. Maybe some different perspectives will emerge that can get all of us thinking about veganism more as related to better messaging and more engaging discussions with the meat-eating public at large. God knows less than a million vegans out of a population of 330 million is not acceptable. Hope you stick around and read some of those articles and comment.

  12. Sam says:

    Zooey Deschanel is a full blown meat eater. I just got a magazine where she is interviewed saying she could no longer remain vegan or vegetarian because of health reasons. She then discusses eating steak etc etc. Her sister is a full blow vegan and should be listed separately.

  13. Marci says:

    Thanks for do this – it’s a fun list and interesting to see the variety of people who are vegan (or mostly vegan) and are promoting veganism. As a longtime vegetarian who’s thinking about becoming vegan, this list is somehow encouraging.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      awesome! thanks Marci. I hope the vegan thang catches on with you. if cheese is holding you back, be sure to check out Daiya products which are really good when melted on top of foods like pizza and nachos. Enjoy!

  14. Diana says:

    Considering the diversity of the list (I apologize if I missed something or someone in this regard), there are more than a few of us that would like to see Davey Havok on this list. He and his band are well known advocates of the vegetarian diet/lifestyle. He stands out with the promotion of his retail web site of vegan clothing, shoes, etc. .

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hi Diana, Yeah, Davey and AFI are excellent advocates for sure. Definitely one of the most influential vegan musicians out there for animals and veganism. Unfortunately he didn’t make the initial 100 and we didn’t get any nominations for him when that period was open (now closed). He was on our initial list of 275 or so people up for consideration. Thanks for chiming in.

  15. Darwin Punk says:

    I read your “Kill Vegetarian” article and though you make a good point in terms of whether or not an ovo-lacto diet is really any more ethical than a meat eating one, I still respectfully disagree with the notion. I bear no hostility toward vegetarians or near vegans (or for that matter meat eaters, I just disagree with them and some of their inherently weak arguments), but I think that to add a third term is only likely to confuse the general public. It may not be the case on Google,or in your part of the world, but “vegan” is still a pretty baffling term for people where I’m from and I would hate to be served “a little bit” of cheese or eggs because I told the waiter I was vegan, and the person who came in before me was veganish. I also find that when I “slip up” or compromise my vegan beliefs, even out of politeness or convenience to others, it only serves as further ammunition for family, friends and co-workers. They kind of go all: “Well if you could eat it THEN, then you can eat it NOW.” No compromise is much easier for them to appreciate. I also find it sort of sad that you water down your ideals just so that people won’t get on the defensive with you. Their reaction to your diet is their problem, not yours, and is out of your control. If they do get on the defensive, that is your opportunity to explain, in a non judgemental manner how you personally feel and to educate them that there are alternatives. I think the term veganish merely perpetuates the myth that the vegan lifestyle is inconvenient and deprived.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hey DP,
      First off, I like a lot of what you are saying at: (e.g. The importance of being a moderate vegan; Shit, I hope I’m not becoming conservative in my old age). I feel like we are on the same team vegan page to a large degree.
      Second, this discussion belongs on the Kill Vegetarian page but your post is here so let’s just roll with it.

      OK, I must qualify that this entire line of argumentation isn’t about me and my desire to seek validation to eat a cheese pizza at a party or whatever. I’m a pretty strict vegan unless you want to start examining some of my dollar/bargain/thrift store purchases on misc items. This is about growing veganism and finding a way to get more people in the tent and to feel welcome. As my friend Jed says: The concept of “veganish” isn’t to encourage current vegans to slack off; it’s to give recognition and encouragement to those who can’t do everything, but are doing much more than nothing.

      Next, I feel you 100% on the logistics issue at restaurants. It isn’t easy and especially the more rural you get. No doubt about it. But, I just don’t understand how your “no compromise” vegan philosophy wins more people over at the end of the day. Their reaction to our diet is OUR problem. We aren’t trying to win a philosophy debate here. We are trying to win people closer to our side so less animals suffer.

      Lastly, the vegan diet at times can be inconvenient and it can make people feel deprived at times. That’s just a reality and I don’t understand how we can deny that. I think being vegan is awesome. It has rewarded me in a million ways. I also know it isn’t always the easiest thing either under various circumstances like traveling, being with family/friends for holidays, living with meat-eaters, etc. If you want to carry this conversation on, I suggest taking it to this page:

  16. matty says:

    What I don’t understand is why ellen degeneres is a spokesperson for cover girl animal research cosmetics and no one ever asks why. Am I wrong? She is constantly being honored for promoting a vile brand of make up. I don’t understand.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hey Matty, Yes. I must say this wasn’t on my radar until now. I wonder if there are details we don’t know like when she signed on, what she knew when she signed on, and if she is maybe actively working with them on the issue from the inside. Just another sober reminder we live in a very unvegan world. also, interestingly to me is how much an issue like animal product testing isn’t a huge focus anymore. I remember back in the day how animal people all had their little pocket guides for what was tested and had animal ingredients vs what didn’t. I don’t see those around nearly as much.

    • kathleen says:

      I completely agree, Matty, and was wondering the same thing. I’ve written to the show/Ellen asking and received no reply. It’s a BIG issue as far as I’m comcered and it puzzles me that it doesn’t get more attention.

  17. shelly smithberger says:

    I voted, how do I submit the votes? I like that you have put together info on each person & organization, tons of info : )

  18. ben stein says:

    you left off dr. andy mars who has helped me and so many other kids go vegan with his vegan camps and other programs. on the fb thing of this he had lots of votes and then someone deleted it maybe cause they didn’t like the results. and then they started it over again and he had to start again with zero. but doc does so much. i don’t even know all he does. but i know he runs world vegan day every year. and the thanksgiving thing. and lots of potlucks. and he helped start groups like pcrm. and now hes got a vegan school too. i think hes been vegan longer than most people even knew vegan existed. how could you forget him?

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Ben, we’ve no record of a nomination for Dr. Andy Mars. The only way to directly nominate someone was on this very page here and not on Facebook. Regardless, he sounds like an awesome guy. You might be confusing this survey with something else.

  19. Peter Jakes says:

    I see that allowing for the negative option really played a role in last night’s voting. Bree Olson had been promoting the contest in a positive manner to her fan-base as was seen by all the positive votes she received compared to the lack of negative votes that others were getting. Over the length of the contest she had been getting more than her share of negative attention probably due to prejudice against her profession. This negativity seems misplaced if your goal is to promote the vegan lifestyle since her passionate advocacy was aimed at a group that, to say the least, are not likely to have thought much about veganism.
    Last night there clearly was a concerted effort by “Supreme Master’ Ching Hai supporters, not just to promote their worthy favorite, but to drag down someone else through negative voting at the same time. I find that to be a bit a shame. It reflects what might be considered a design flaw in the contest. It seems to me that the purpose of the contest is to celebrate those individuals and groups that promote the vegan alternative. Allowing a negative option, rather than just a positive one, detracts from what should be a positive affirmation of all those great people working to present veganism as a positive alternative in our lives.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hi Peter, Points well taken but I disagree a bit. This is the first time we’ve done this and thought an up and down component would make things more interesting as people could express an opinion that they thought someone was ranked too high. The surge last night though I don’t think is a good example of what you are saying. The supporters of Ching Hai it appears pretty much only voted up for her by a wide wide margin. It appears they didn’t vote Bree down much if at all as she had ~1,300 thumbs down votes as the surge began. A better example of your point is the wild card nomination process where people were definitely voting a ton of people down for no seeming reason other then they probably wanted to see their person rise. Way too many negative votes at the bottom of the list for a ton of really cool people who work hard doing what they do. So, maybe we do it different next year. Regardless, Bree has done awesome on this poll and has shown herself to be an influential and charismatic person. As an FYI, after the contest ends we will be removing the raw vote numbers which includes negative votes.

      • Peter Jakes says:

        As a first time event I think you have done a good job. I really like the concept of celebrating those who are trying to make a positive impact in promoting the vegan lifestyle. The list introduced me to many people and groups about whom I had little knowledge. This created a positive experience overall hence my questions about the design issues.

    • Annie Jones says:

      I agree with Joe, Peter. I’m a member of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association and I didn’t see anyone suggesting we vote negatively, just that we vote for.

      Plus, if you consider the yes/no vote as a question:
      Do you believe a person is one of the most influential vegans? Then you can vote yes or no on each person.

      Is Bree Olsen one of the most influential vegans? Or are her list of followers just voting for her ? If she convinces them to translate their appreciation of her into adopting a vegan diet, then more power to her! God puts people in all types of jobs to help us evolve! But how influential has she been to date relative to the others on this list?

      Is Supreme Master Ching Hai who has a television station on 14 satellites reaching every corner of the globe (more than CNN or Voice of America) in over 40 different languages promoting a vegan diet one of the world’s most influential vegans?

      I would say yes. Because of all these people, her influence is the most global.

      • PeterJakes says:

        I do know that Supreme Master Ching Hai has had an important influence on Bree has she does follow on Twitter (and she follows very few). Plus I remember an interview she gave where she was explaining the Supreme Master Ching Hai i-Phone app she used. It looks as if the vegan community is still a bit of a small world.

  20. Cully says:

    How is Gary Yourofsky so far down on the list? That’s mind blowing to me.

    • Joe Haptas says:

      Hi Cully, Gary gives maybe the best presentation on veganism and for animals there is. He also has makes a lot of great points and says things nobody else will. That said, he is an open misanthrope who says a lot of things that make me pine for the old Gary who was just as passionate but not so angry (e.g. “my hatred for humans includes vegans”). Here’s an interview mixing fascinating insights with an anger that makes me worry for Gary:

  21. Jess says:

    Yay! Go Marie Oser of VegTV! She’s amazing and deserves the recognition for her tireless work. Jess

  22. BluePlanetEarth says:

    It doesn’t matter who’s on top, every single vegan is a win to me. Keep Vegan movement alive!

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